2018 Safer Sunscreen Guide

To help keep your child’s skin safe and healthy this Summer, be sure to follow the advice at the link for safer sunscreens!  Loose fitting light clothing, hats and sunglasses (where possible!) are also key.  We recommend keeping sunscreen by your front door or where you get your child ready as a reminder to use it daily.  Before using any new sunscreen, be sure to test a patch on your child’s leg for 2-3 hours to observe for tolerance.  While some sunscreen sprays now have safer ingredients, they can still be an irritant for breathing, especially if your child has any breathing issues like asthma.  Creams would be better, and don’t forget after sun moisturizing, as the sun really dries out the skin.  Water, vision, dental, helmet safety all still apply, of course.  Proceed with caution, and have fun safely this Summer! Click HERE for the 2018 updated sunscreen guide!

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