Covid-19 vaccines now available for 5 and up!

Covid-19 vaccines for 5 – 11 years are in the house! We will begin giving this vaccine today, Monday 11/15/21. Covid-19 vaccines for 12+ are expected back in stock soon, as well as other vaccines. If your child’s name is on our list, you’ll be called for an appointment. Otherwise, please call us at 541.386.2300 … Read more

2021 Safer Sunscreen Guide

Just in time for the summer heat, the updated 2021 safer sunscreen guide. Be safe out in the sun, wear that sunscreen and reapply each hour, drink water, wear loose fitting light long sleeve clothing, and avoid the hottest part of the day when possible. Have a safe summer!


In response to the largest public health threat in a generation, we join with our colleagues in medicine and public health who are working very hard to understand and control the impact of the new coronavirus disease, called COVID-19.  We will continue to update our communications here.  Older individuals and those with underlying medical problems … Read more

Quick & healthy school lunch ideas

Quick and healthy school lunches can be a challenge for busy parents of little learners! Our school chefs try hard to provide decent school food within their guidelines and limited resources. For a healthier school breakfast or lunch, best to pack it yourself! Here are some quick ideas to infuse your child’s lunch with some … Read more

Parenting ideas for kids with special needs

Children with sensory issues and other special concerns have unique needs that can present challenges for parents. Some of you are already parenting experts in these issues! Some ideas follow in the link below. Add your own ideas in the thread on our office Facebook page. Follow this link:

Screen time and your young child

Children younger than 2 are in a critical period of brain development that requires hands on learning. Screen time should be avoided beyond video chats with relatives. Children older than 2 are at a stage in brain development where tablets or computer apps can be implemented educationally in limited and interactive fashion, with parents still … Read more

2019 Safer Sunscreens Guide Click the link for the latest safer sunscreen guide. When shade or loose fitting light clothing isn’t an option, choose wisely here. Whichever product you choose, please test a patch on your child’s leg for a few hours before spreading it all over their body. Children 6 months and up can generally tolerate most … Read more


With kids counting down to the last day of school, we’re all looking forward to warm weather, free time and family adventures. But for a lot of parents (and kids, too!) the lack of structure and changes in routine can make those long summer days a struggle.Children may feel liberated from classes and homework, but … Read more