Snow Daze ***

We will be trying our best to be available for your child’s needs this week during the blizzards. We will remain available for sick visits for those who are able to safely travel. If conditions merit, we may delay preventive visits…to prevent accidents in slippery weather. Please do not travel if conditions are unsafe or … Read more

Back to School tips and Immunizations Are In For “Back to School”!

Good tips here from the American Academy of Pediatrics: Immunizations are in for back to school, including flu vaccines. Give us a ring to schedule an efficient “shots only” visit, or for any other concerns as our kids join the germ fest!  Dr. Martin reminds all kids to get a good night’s sleep, brush … Read more

Memorial Day Weekend Availability

We are….because they were.  Honoring those whose legacy we live, we hope that all of you celebrate well and safely this Memorial Day weekend.  We will have regular hours Friday available for acute care.  Saturday and Sunday we may be in and out of range remembering those on whose shoulders we stand, and enjoying the … Read more

2018 Safer Sunscreen Guide

To help keep your child’s skin safe and healthy this Summer, be sure to follow the advice at the link for safer sunscreens!  Loose fitting light clothing, hats and sunglasses (where possible!) are also key.  We recommend keeping sunscreen by your front door or where you get your child ready as a reminder to use it … Read more

Enjoy Summer Safely!

Here’s a link to the latest safer sunscreens guide.   Always be sure to test new sunscreens by putting a patch of it on the leg before putting it all over your child’s body.  Be sure to drink extra water, wear your sunglasses/sun hats, and consider swim lessons, making sure younger children are observed at … Read more

It’s That Time Again! Tips to Make Back to School Easier:

Good tips here: Be sure to let us know if your child has any health concerns going into the school year.  This might include not only illness, but improving their nutrition or exercise status, and of course includes their emotional health and overall well being.  Setting up ahead of time for organizational success … Read more