It’s That Time Again! Tips to Make Back to School Easier:

Good tips here:

Be sure to let us know if your child has any health concerns going into the school year.  This might include not only illness, but improving their nutrition or exercise status, and of course includes their emotional health and overall well being.  Setting up ahead of time for organizational success can pay off big for your child at school.  That includes things like picking out clothes the night before, and backpack organization, including a special homework folder, and planner for older kids.

If your child takes any medications, vitamins, or other supplements, this may be a good time for us to examine those with you.  For any concerns of allergies or asthma, let’s please examine our strategy for those as we move into cold season and Fall allergy and asthma seasons.  As always, we’ll work with you to help ensure your children a happy, healthy school year!

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