Covid-19 vaccines now available for 5 and up!

Covid-19 vaccines for 5 – 11 years are in the house! We will begin giving this vaccine today, Monday 11/15/21. Covid-19 vaccines for 12+ are expected back in stock soon, as well as other vaccines. If your child’s name is on our list, you’ll be called for an appointment. Otherwise, please call us at 541.386.2300 to schedule a quick visit. Please note, the vaccine is 1/3 the dose of the vaccine for older kids, and is a 2 dose series, doses 21 days apart. Minimal and temporary side effects such as achey arms, low grade fevers/chills, headaches might be expected as the immune system does its work. Children develop excellent immunity from the vaccine, and side effects are not being seen in most all children who have received the vaccines in trials. Minor issues such as those listed above are temporary typical immune system reactions after vaccines and will typically resolve without tylenol. Acetaminophen can be given if needed for comfort, but is not routinely recommended after the vaccine. For more information, read at the link below, email at the usual address, or give us a call. All regular services are available, as we work extra hard to keep healthy kids healthy, and sick kids seen outside or in a separate exam room. Please note that while we try hard to answer all calls personally, during this time of high volume of calls, please leave a message as opposed to redialing several times. We look forward to seeing you soon, helping increase the safety of all your holiday fun, and ending the pandemic with a combination of personal responsibility, vaccines, and attention to reducing spread of the covid-19 virus. Wishing you health and safety as always!

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