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Judy Blume’s been back on the media landscape recently.  One of our favorite bastions of adolescent hopes and fears has been talking about a movie, directed by her son, based on her 1981 novel “Tiger Eyes”.  She’s also disclosed recently that her character Margaret from “Are You There God?  It’s me, Margaret”, was based on herself.  She also offered some thoughts on a universal coming of age theme that hasn’t changed since we all read her books.


There are many kinds of longing.  The longing to fit in, the longing to figure it out, the emotional longing for friendship and being accepted–these are all as important as physical longing.  Before all the hormones start raging, it’s the emotional longing that is most important, and boy, you have to learn to figure it out.   –Judy Bloom, 2013

In the Day to Day and from Meltdown to Meltdown, may we all help our children learn to “figure it out”.

Thanks again, Judy.


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