Scaring away allergies at Halloween

Follow this link to avoid allergy pitfalls for Halloween.  Of course, it may be wise for your child to take or continue taking any allergy medicines previously used for allergies…and brush those teeth!   Have a happy and safe Halloween….we will see you soon!’tLetAllergies,AsthmaSpoilHalloweenFun.aspx

What can you expect from us at Northwest Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine?

Short answer is, “a lot!” We are a team dedicated toward children of all ages, through young adulthood.    Typically that means birth (even pre-conception) through 21, though Dr. Martin sees his patients through the occasional “home from college” visits as well, helping them eventually transition effectively to an “adult” doctor.  Our team aims to … Read more

What a great time at Families in the Park!

Thanks so much for joining us at Families in the Park.  In Dr. Martin’s 5 years in Hood River, he’s become very involved in many things related to children in the community (tends to happen when you’re the only pediatrician in town!), and certainly one of the best things to support is education in our … Read more