What can you expect from us at Northwest Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine?

Short answer is, “a lot!”

We are a team dedicated toward children of all ages, through young adulthood.    Typically that means birth (even pre-conception) through 21, though Dr. Martin sees his patients through the occasional “home from college” visits as well, helping them eventually transition effectively to an “adult” doctor.  Our team aims to provide cutting edge care, and to make it easier for parents to help their child achieve health again if he or she is sick. We want to maintain their wellness by actively helping manage their care, partnering with you in that goal.

Part of “making it easier” means being available to you.  One of the blessings of Hood River is that we are a compact town.  Much of the time, if your child becomes ill in the evening after our official hours are done, we’ll still be able to meet you at the office and help, avoiding a long, costly ER visit.  Our goal is to maintain some availability to you and your child 7 days a week, while still keeping a sustainable balance in our work.

You’ll find us easy to approach, and we want to make sure you understand what is going on with your child when you leave, so we love to teach!   Know also that we are rather stingy with medication!  There are plenty of times that your child may need medication, and that’s fine, but more often than not, he or she will NOT need medication to improve.  Whenever you can avoid medications which may have side effects and are unnecessary, that’s a good thing!   We’ll guide you through that.

“Safe Passage in the Columbia Gorge”

We can’t wait to see you this Fall!    Updates to come on opening dates.   We’ll be pre-scheduling non-acute visits very soon.  Check back for details, and please use the “Contact Us” button to ask us any questions, or tell us what insurance you use, so we can try to make sure to accept it.

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