From Sniffle to Sniffle: Out with Colds, In With Allergies! Prevention Here:

We’ve been thrilled to start to see a winding down of cold and flu season, though many of you who’ve been here recently can verify it’s not gone entirely yet!  However, we seem to be starting immediately into allergy season, as verified by Yours Truly, The Most Allergic Person In The Valley.  I consider treating kids for allergies as good preventive medicine, as untreated kids tend to have their fingers up by their noses a lot more often, reacquainting themselves with Springtime viruses.  It may be time to drop by for an allergy consult.  For starters, here’s a few good hints for Spring with an eye on reducing allergens:

Visit the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology’s website at for more information about dealing with allergies.

For fun, check out this history of Spring Cleaning:

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