How about some BPA, lead, and pthalates to go with that organic garden?



It’s an iconic thought from my childhood, remembering drinking from the garden hose while out doing yard work.  Makes me cringe now when I realize that not only was I ingesting bacteria (water + heat in a hose grows bacteria), but lead (leached from the hose and its brass fittings), BPA, and pthalates (among others).  Maybe that’s what happened to me!  In any case, bring outside a glass, stainless, or BPA/BPS free sippy for the kids, and avoid these neuro and reproductive hazard chemicals in your kids’ water.

More info here:

Reduce exposures to harmful compounds.  Be sure to discuss this with Dr. Martin at your child’s next check up, and pick up a Healthy Homes Checkup Kit at our office.  You can also request a copy here:

Do More:  Support safer alternatives in products you and your kids use every day.  Help Oregon lead the way in reducing toxic exposures in consumer products by letting our leaders know that protecting our families needs to be their priority:


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