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It’s That Time Again! Tips to Make Back to School Easier:

Good tips here: https://www.healthychildren.org/English/news/Pages/Back-to-School-Tips.aspx http://www.pbs.org/parents/education/going-to-school/parent-involvement/ Be sure to let us know if your child has any health concerns going into the school year.  This might include not only illness, but improving their nutrition or exercise status, and of course includes their emotional health and overall well being.  Setting up ahead of time for organizational success […]

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8 Ways To Contact Our Office

We like to be sure to be available to you for your kids and teens, and offer more access to care for your child and teen than any other clinic in the area!  In addition to our regular hours Monday through Friday, we do our best to offer acute care on call 7 days a […]

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Preparing Your Teen For College Without Instilling Worry & Anxiety

Lots of things to discuss when preparing for college, for both teens and their parents.  Tips on keeping it exciting without inducing anxiety here. Good resources for financial planning for college here. Checklists for financial preparation here: Thinking about that first year….here.

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Teens and Drugs: What Parents Can Do

It’s always a challenge that we don’t want to undertake as parents, but one we must, especially in a time of marijuana legalization and in a town where alcohol is so prevalent.  Get some good hints here.

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Helping Anxious Kids Soar

Some good points here, and be sure to talk with us about your child’s unique skills and challenges.  

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2016 Sunscreen Guide

In keeping kids safe this Summer, be sure to follow some of the links for Summer Safety on our site.  Here’s the updated list for 2016 sunscreen safety.  

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New online portal arrives!

  We are excited to be launching today a new state of the art patient communication, medical record, and billing system!  It will include a new portal for online information, including lab results, requesting appointments, paying bills and copays online, summaries after your child’s visit, and more!  We expect in time for this system to […]

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The Joy of Moving!

We are functional in our new office space at 810 13th St, adjacent to the hospital and Jackson Park!   We are still unpacking, but in the interest of keeping access continuous for community children, we are open as we get settled.  We can’t wait to show you our fun new space for kids!  Looking forward […]

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Avoiding Car Seat Mistakes

http://www.parents.com/videos/v/61651697/avoid-a-car-seat-mistake.htm Also, don’t buy used car seats or sell yours. Car seats have an expiration date because the plastics and belts weaken over many seasons of use and different temperatures. Our office will soon be collecting used seats for recycling. Contact Dr. Martin for more info.

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More Beach Safety….beware of rip currents!

As parents, we should always encourage our kids to be safe around the water, including taking swim lessons, swimming with a buddy or adult in the presence of a lifeguard, and understanding dangers like rip currents. Here’s a quick resource before you hit the beach. (Also, see the updated sunscreen guide linked below). http://oceantoday.noaa.gov http://ripcurrents.noaa.gov

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